Licca-chan to Nichiyoubi

Licca-chan no Nichiyoubi

Licca-chan (or Rika-chan, depends on the romanization) is originally a doll series, something like Barbie (in popularity over Japan), but not that mallrat hydrogen blonde airhead and epitome of misleading ideals. She’s more like a child to be taken care of. But why are we interested in it? Well, on one case her original creator is Matsumoto Leiji’s wife, Miyako Maki, and we are… guess, The Leijiverse Club, ain’t we? On the other case, at least this isn’t one of the magical girl-themed OVA/ONA. but something more resembles to the weekdays. Which keeps her a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Now, that we overexplained the living crap out of it, enjoy the raw.

[ DDL Videos (MP4) ]

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