Midori no Makibao (BD re-release)

Back then, I did what I could with the [hSa] webrip to ‘restore’ or rather re-edit it. There was a lot of cutting, editing, re-ordering, adding back OP-ED, uniforming aspect ratio and resolution. I was humbled that there were a lot of people who downloaded it… even if the quality was still rubbish. Then I took a promise: if I ever get my hands on the DVD-BOX, I will do a re-release. Well, the DVD-BOX got it’s price pretty damn high, making it impossible to get. But then came the news, for the 25th anniversary it will get a BD-BOX with a clearly affordable price for a Central European. Basically a chance to fulfill my promise…

…and here we are. Enjoy this unique little gem in it’s true glory. Also I will pull the plug for the older version via torrent soon due to this release, leaving it only on DDL option.

[ TORRENT (1080p) ]

[ DDL Part 1 (1080p) ] | [ DDL Part 2 (1080p) ]

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