Midori no Makibao (BD re-release)

Back then, I did what I could with the [hSa] webrip to ‘restore’ or rather re-edit it. There was a lot of cutting, editing, re-ordering, adding back OP-ED, uniforming aspect ratio and resolution. I was humbled that there were a lot of people who downloaded it… even if the quality was still rubbish. Then I took a promise: if I ever get my hands on the DVD-BOX, I will do a re-release. Well, the DVD-BOX got it’s price pretty damn high, making it impossible to get. But then came the news, for the 25th anniversary it will get a BD-BOX with a clearly affordable price for a Central European. Basically a chance to fulfill my promise…

…and here we are. Enjoy this unique little gem in it’s true glory. Also I will pull the plug for the older version via torrent soon due to this release, leaving it only on DDL option.

[ TORRENT (1080p) ]

[ DDL Part 1 (1080p) ] | [ DDL Part 2 (1080p) ]

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9 Responses

  1. Karyudo says:

    Have there ever been any subtitles for this series, in any language (other than hardcoded Chinese subs on VCD)? If not, what would it cost to have them created?

  2. dottris says:

    Hi, there is a hungarian subtitle in the making. Currently the first 35 episodes are out, but not edited to the BD release yet. As for the translation, currently 47 episodes are done. I am expecting to finish the whole series in 1-2 years.

    You can find the episodes here after registration: https://riczroninfactories.eu/news.php

    The last release was a long time ago (2021.12.16.), but only because we halted the project till the BD is out. I hope we can start making some progress in the next half year or so.

  3. dottris says:

    Ps.: Oh, and if you asking because you want to make a subtitle for it in another language, herer is a cool webside to help: https://ameblo.jp/toraumav10/theme4-10042104827.html

    It contains most of the scripts and helped me a lot.
    Also, the manga is a great help too.

  4. Karyudo says:

    That blog definitely looks useful! Found the race announcer’s part of the OP, for example: https://ameblo.jp/toraumav10/entry-11022985329.html

    I tried registering at the Factories.eu site, but can’t get past the code slider (Ellenőrzőkód). I slide it fast; I slide it slow; I hold it for more than 10 seconds… still no code or other confirmation I’ve done it correctly, and my registration fails because I’ve got the incorrect code (A megadott ellenőrzőkód hibás). Got any hints?

    • Ricz says:

      The slider should return a reference to the Terminator movies (“Nem vagy élő szövet a belső fémvázon!” = “You are not a living tissue on a metal endoskeleton!”) written in green. That’s how it confirms.

  5. Karyudo says:

    Hmm. I usually get something like “hold on” (“Tartsad!”) or a weird situation where it says “swipe right to continue” despite the slider defaulting to being all the way to the right already. I’ve tried Edge, Chrome, and Brave browsers — similar results everywhere (maybe because they’re all Chromium-based). Private browsing mode didn’t help, either.

    I didn’t think registering was going to be one of my biggest problems today!

    • Ricz says:

      Given how a legacy code runs the whole thing, not a surprise. But the problem is not strictly a Chromium-thing, it happens on Vivaldi and Firefox too. What is a shot in the dark: maybe Cloudflare’s CDN filters and blocks some of the files, maybe the ISP itself, but the latter has the same result as with the browsers. Not a single common point on that and the whole site needs to be rewritten due how certain codes became deprecated and have to make a work around them (or in this case, a complete rewrite of a certain module) just to function.

      You need the subs, right? I rather send those in email, but they are timed to the previous raw release that we don’t support anymore.

  6. Karyudo says:

    I have the older, unsupported raw release, I think. I’ve also got the new BD-sourced release, too. I’d been looking for Midori no Makibao for years (I lived in Japan when it first aired; my wife watched the whole thing during its original broadcast), and am so excited and thankful that you’ve been able to rip the BDs and will (eventually) add subs!

    If you’re able to send the subs via email, that would be fantastic. Many thanks!

  7. Airine says:

    Hello! I’m a fan of Makibao. I’ve been looking for any english subbed copy of it, do you guys know where I could possibly get it? Thank you!

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