Tobiuo no Bouya wa Byouki Desu

Oh hey, back to retro! This little hidden gem was scanned by the kind folks at Kineko Video, at 4k from a 16mm film. They put a lot of work in this 1982 childrens book adaptation which came out in the same year and written by Inui Tomiko (1924-2002).

The story is about a coral reef and it’s habitants in the warm Southern Sea. Their slow and everyday life is almost at an abrupt end when a hydrogen bomb explodes over them and the nuclear fallout makes most of them sick.

Kinda dark for a childrens book, isn’t it? Well, yeah, but that’s Japanese nature. Just think of Chirin no Suzu, Bara no Hana to Joe, Chironup no Kitsune, Kiku-chan to Ookami or Mitsuami no Kamisama, they all have some awkward twist at their end or their subject is something what you can’t really recommend for children. But what is this about? The 1954 Castle Bravo incident alongside with Daigo Fukuryuu Maru (Lucky Dragon No. 5). So, I give you a kind warning: this work won’t do for the faint-hearted.

[ TORRENT (1080p) ] | [ TORRENT (4K) ] | [ DDL ]

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