About Us

About Ronin-Raws

This is an occasional release ‘team’ (if we consider a sole person as such) for RAW videos. Surprising, eh? Well, first of all, this is only for those videos, that ripped or redone in a way or another.

About The Leijiverse Club

The main idea for the foundation came from Ricz, the founder of Hungarian fansub team, Ricz/Ronin Factories with his friend, Vincent. The reason behind it was to keep the original team as a Hungarian platform, even if sometimes some works tends to be English.

Therefore, the formation is more of an occasional fansub team for retro pieces. But why the name? Basically, it is a simple answer: all of the ‘members’ (there is no such thing as membership here, just friends doing stuff together) came from MyAnimeList’s Leijiverse club.

And for what purpose we do our English subs from a regional national language other than doing it from straight Japanese? The answer is simple: some of the original fansub team does speak Japanese, but have their priorities. That is to make a subtitle for that particular community, but don’t have the necessary courage – or guts, per say – to do it for an international audience.

About GDPR and privacy

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