Honey Tokyo

Well lads and lasses, this is it. It’s almost end of the year and yet we rise back from the dead for a while to spook you with some findings. On one hand, Honey Tokyo was our choice for today since the video became a rarity to find. Yeah, we know it’s on Nico Nico Douga nowadays ever since the official site closed off the touristic commercial from Studio 4C. And we (but more likely especially me) don’t really want this to fade in obscurity. So we share it with you, but still, it’s not the best quality that we can made out of it, but at least kinda good considering the fact, this wasn’t even better back in those days when it came out… Yeah, I was there. I feel old now. And I don’t need Macaulay Culkin to tell me, he’s already above 40 years old now.

[ DDL video (480p) ] | [ Torrent video (480p) ]

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